Every year my bornday comes and goes… You spend all year preparing for your bday then when it comes you shake it, then its over… NOT THIS YEAR! this year my born day represents another year of life I made it through and the next level approaching. Its my Magic Johnson year so it has to be epic! So, Thursday 9/22/16 at 9p come thru The Night Owl and catch a vibe with me and my people!! Got some very special artists and DJs falling thru to help me turn up! Peep the video below to see more… See you there! #iH$

Illest Of The Ville vol 1 presented by Concrete Magazine x Underground Studio | mixtape |

Rarely do we as artists get to be a part of something that unites… It’s time out for the crab-in-the-bucket mentality! We’re all trying to push the culture forward in the city & the world! This is a great move that Concrete & Underground put together and I was blessed to be a part of it! It’s all nostalgic instrumentals with some of the Villes Illest putting their spin on it! The whole tape is fire!! Listen for urself click below…

Renegade FinessMix #6

 Illest Of The Ville  

Strictly Business by DJ COOP | Mixtape

What a time..to be alive! Oh we talkin teams?! Well you know I Rep My Set thennnn! Shout out to Coop for putting My song on his new mixtape… The whole tape ridin! You gotta peep.. I’m lucky #13 on that thang so make sure you listen!! It’s iHS over everythanggg! One time for DJ Money Green comin thru with the fire production too… #ForestFire🌳🔥🌳 #ItsOfficiallyLIT click & see for urself 👉🏾 Strictly Business

Rep My Set by Finess #13

Rep My Set | song |

I got the chance to link up with Dj Money Green, who produced the track, and instantly we started talking about the current music scene. The theme of Rep My Set was clear…I appreciate the love, support, constructive criticism, etc I receive from those closest to me and I know when we rock the letters “iHS” we ride for the whole squad! Everybody has something they Rep so I feel like this song can speak to that…Listen below and enjoy…




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