Senior YR

This album helped me show the creativity I could express musically. Senior YR signifies the best times of my life. It represents the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. You remember the year you graduated for the rest of your life. I’ll remember making this music and what it represents to me for the rest of mine. I wanted to do an album without any other rappers on it, on my own, just me the beats and the mic. I worked with Mike Ewing for the first time and I was able to tap into the sound I wanted for my live band. It was the first time I was completely satisfied with the way my music turned out. I wanted it to be the vibe of listening to it front to back while riding on a road trip where you look up and you’ve arrived where you were going and haven’t had to skip every other record. I hope you can relate once you take the time to absorb it.


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